Selected Poems: 2007 - 2012

  • Selected Poems: 2007 - 2012

"This book offers a small selection of poetry and mixed media work from the years between 2007-2012, between the ages of 18 to 23. The collection was three times larger when initially produced, and I'm thankful that I took my time and published the small chapbook before publishing a larger collection. Whilst some of the poetry here is nothing like the writing I would put out today, I liked the idea of offering a kind of time capsule of my work from this period, when I first started out in the poetry world. For example, whilst parts of 'Fancy Dress' make me cringe, I also remember supporting Kae Tempest in Norwich, who quoted my own lines back to me when I met them. The work is so old, it also contains images and references to my first love, making me feel very far removed from the times. Still, the memories stand out so clearly; hanging my ballet shoes and a felt heart as part of my final piece at Central Saint Martins, writing 'I love you' in the sand visiting my friend Hannah in Cornwall, and the wrapping paper of another relationship that feels like a lifetime ago, now 31 This collection is messy and imperfect, and illustrates the fact why you shouldn’t rush to publish your work, instead testing work on the stage, and submitting to magazines and anthologies first. Reading these poems now, I can see how much I have grown, that I was just a baby: cute, but incredibly naïve, with a long way to go. I imagine she would be proud I’m still going." – Carmina Masoliver